CADILLAC — A 41-year-old Lake City man is headed to prison after he was sentenced a second time for convictions related to methamphetamine and heroin recently in Wexford County's 28th Circuit Court.

Jack Perry Park was sentenced to 4-20 years in prison with 204 days credited for a guilty plea to possession with intent to deliver methamphetamine and 365 days with 204 days credited for a guilty plea to possession of heroin less than 25 grams. The convictions were related to an incident on Sept. 21 in Haring Township.

In addition to prison, Park was ordered to pay $266 in fines and fees.

Wexford County Prosecutor Jason Elmore said Park pleaded guilty on Dec. 30 and his office agreed to dismiss the second or subsequent enhancement on the charges. At his original sentencing in February, Elmore said the pre-sentence report disclosed that he had more prior convictions than listed in his criminal history.

As a result, the guideline range was much higher than agree minimum sentence of 2-20 years for the meth-related offense, according to Elmore. Because the sentence exceeded the agreement, Elmore said Park was permitted to withdraw his plea.

"Park thought he should get a better deal. We aggressively prosecutor drug dealers," Elmore said. "He had 4 grams of meth on him. He had on him the two most dangerous drugs in our community."

Park re-entered his plea on May 29 and it was agreed to give him an additional credit of 3 months for time served. 

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