Less than 1% of tests in four counties are positive

CADILLAC — A Cadillac News analysis of state data on COVID-19 testing indicates that less than 1% of tests for local residents are positive this month.

So far in August, there have been 1,188 tests administered for residents of Wexford, Missaukee, Lake and Osceola counties, according to a state spreadsheet on diagnostic tests that is updated daily. Though the spreadsheet typically lags one day, the most recent data, from Thursday, August 6, showed that 10 of the 1,188 tests in August came back positive, or about 0.8%.

July was twice that, at 1.6%. June was 1.4%; May was 1.5%, April was 6.2% and March was 2.1%. However, there were fewer tests available at the start of the pandemic, meaning the sickest and most vulnerable patients were prioritized. To compare, on March 20, there were 39 tests for residents of the four counties, while on July 20, there were 183. 

There were no newly confirmed COVID-19 cases on Friday.

Wexford County remained at 60 cases; Missaukee was at 27, Lake was at 18 and Osceola was at 63.

While it's hard to say for certain how many cases are active, generally, people are contagious for about 10 days after their symptoms begin, according to various sources, including a recent interview with Munson doctors. In Wexford County, seven cases were confirmed in the 11 days between July 28 and August 7, according to District Health Department No. 10's COVID-19 data dashboard. During the same 11-day span, there was one confirmed case in Missaukee County and three in Lake County. Osceola County appeared to have one during the same time frame (however, the source of this information appeared to use a different onset definition. Some data sources use the date the test comes back positive, while others use the date symptoms began).

Nobody was hospitalized for COVID-19 at Munson Cadillac Hospital on Friday, according to the healthcare system's website.

Statewide, there were 86,191 confirmed cases as of Friday. The state had not yet updated the number of recoveries as of shortly before 7 p.m. on Friday. Last week's recoveries were at 60,022. There have been 6,247 COVID-19 deaths in Michigan since the pandemic arrived in the state in March. Five of those deaths were in the Cadillac News coverage area.

If anybody got sick on Tuesday, August 4, election day, we're still a few days away from finding out.

In an interview about a related topic, Munson doctors told the Cadillac News that if people develop symptoms, it tends to be five to seven days after exposure.

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