CADILLAC — Does anyone else feel a sense of deja vu?

At the end of last week, forecasters were predicting the Cadillac area would be hit by a storm dumping around 10 inches of snow, sleet and freezing rain.

This weekend, it’s almost the same forecast.

According to Accuweather, bitterly cold air settling in across the Plains and Great Lakes will lay the groundwork for accumulating snowfall across the northern tier of the United States.

Accuweather Senior Meteorologist Dan Pydynowski said the storm is expected to arrive in Cadillac tonight around 9 or 10 p.m., and drop 6-10 inches of snow. He said snowfall could continue well into Saturday afternoon and potentially into Sunday.

The Cadillac area was spared most of the heavy snowfall that was predicted last weekend, as the storm ended up fizzling out before it reached this far north, Pydynowski said.

What’s different about this week’s predicted storm and the one that was predicted last week is the lack of freezing rain.

Pydynowski said temperatures should stay cold enough so none of the precipitation will turn into rain.

According to an survey, driving on icy roads is the No. 1 worst thing about winter, with about 37% of respondents saying so. At 13% was anxiety about driving on snowy, icy roads; and at 9% was driving in snow.

Other notable findings of the survey include that about 20% of respondents won’t drive if forecasters predict up to three inches of snow; 20% will drive if more than 10 inches of snow are in the forecast; 26% won’t drive if four-six inches are expected; 73% of drivers alter the way they drive in winter; and Midwestern drivers (83%) are most likely to change their driving in winter conditions.

The Cadillac News asked residents their opinions about the worst thing about winter. Michell Edwards said “other drivers;‘ Sharon Sanburg said “other person driving too fast;‘ Stacie King said “the ice;‘ Diana Christensen said “scraping car windows/cleaning off cars;‘ and Christin Robinson said “other people driving, slow, dangerous. Salt trucks driving like 30 mph while a line of cars in front of them. Not expecting to travel.‘