TUSTIN — The Kettunen Center had to cancel a planned conference Tuesday.

People were due to start arriving to the center Tuesday afternoon for the MiCorps conference and training event, with most of the activities planned for Wednesday.

But strong winds, which the region endured late Monday and early Tuesday, knocked down trees and power at the Kettunen Center. The center was told they wouldn't have electricity until late Tuesday or early Wednesday, and decided to cancel the conference, according to the conference organizer and the Kettunen Center business manager.

That estimate of when power would be restored turned out to be wrong; the power came back on shortly before noon on Tuesday.

Still, there are trees down at the center and there are also some mechanical problems at the center due to the sudden loss of power, said Angie Draper, business manager at the Kettunen Center.

The MiCorps team said they will consider re-scheduling the conference.