CADILLAC — The Cadillac Michigan State Police Post announced its newest member and this officer will likely be a big hit with the community.

On Friday, the post welcomed its newest member LuLu, a female Labrador Retriever. LuLu recently graduated from K-9 school and is ready to serve the community. Although LuLu is a K-9 officer, she only will be a single purpose dog with specialized training in tracking explosives. As typical with the breed, LuLu is very friendly, according to her handler Trooper Matt Unterbrink.

"LuLu can move through crowds and track explosives. If she detects explosives, she will follow the odor to the source. Even if the person carrying it is on the move," Unterbrink said. "She is a single purpose dog and the only one north of Lansing with this ability. Her calm demeanor and friendly personality make her the perfect dog to work crowded venues.‘

The MSP currently has five dogs that have this specialized training including LuLu. The German Shepherd breed was used as explosive dogs, but they were brought in before an event to clear an area. The friendly demeanor of the LuLu's breed makes her the perfect dog to use while an event is taking place. Due to their friendly demeanor, Labrador Retrievers can move about a crowd with ease.

MSP Seventh District Lt. Derrick Carroll said LuLu had her first shift last week but she will be available when needed around northern Michigan and the Upper Penisula.

"She is the only one up here and the only one north of Lansing. Most are in Metro Detroit," Carroll said. "She is just another asset we now have up here." 

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