LUTHER — As other fireworks shows continue to get canceled for the Fourth of July weekend, Luther adds itself to the list.

The Luther Logging Days committee announced on Wednesday, July 1, in addition to the fest already being canceled the fireworks would also not be happening this year. The Luther Logging Days committee decided back in May it was in the best interest for the health and safety of the community to cancel the festival scheduled to run from July 3 to July 5.

"It's disheartening that this decision is coming so close to the event," Luther Village President Sherri Mead. "But, you have to look at the bigger picture and what could happen if we were to hold the event. (...) We have only had six confirmed cases Lake County and we didn't want to be the reason any more came in."

Though the committee had canceled the festival, the hope was to keep the fireworks. But, upon a call from the firework company set to put on the show and further consideration, Mead said it became clear that there was no way the committee could put on the event this year.

"After it was announced that Cadillac canceled its Freedom Fest on Monday, the company who does our fireworks called and wanted to know what our plan was and suggested we do a little more investigating before continuing with the show," Mead said. "Upon talking with the health department, the DNR and the (Lake County) Sheriff's Department, it was clear we would not be in compliance with the executive order."

Currently, Lake County is still under the requirement of limiting outdoor gatherings to 100 people, a number that Mead said was just not reasonable with the amount that comes to the fireworks each year in addition to the potential number coming due to other fireworks shows being canceled.

Mead also said it would be next to impossible to police the area to make sure only 100 people were in town at a time to watch the show.

"We would have to only have one entrance and exit point to do a headcount and check temperatures to be in compliance," she said. "We don't have the volunteer basis for that let alone the fencing to make sure people couldn't just walk in like they normally would."

In canceling, Mead said it gives all the more reason to look forward to next year.

"Hopefully we will be able to do something for the community in the fall. But if not, Luther Days 2021 here we come," she said. "A lot, if not everything, is moving over into 2021. That makes the committee's job a lot easier but it also gives them a chance to make next year even better."

Mead said there is also a possibility for there to be some sort of festival in the fall.

"It all depends on where we are with the executive order, but we are hoping to put something together in the fall," she said. "Just have to see what the future holds at this point."

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