BENZONIA — A machete-wielding man who claimed he was fighting zombies was arrested recently by the Michigan State Police after he was involved in a car/deer crash. 

Jordan Lee Cook, 22, of Lansing was charged in Benzie County's 85th District Court with one count each of carrying a firearm or dangerous weapon with unlawful intent, assault with a dangerous weapon and operating while intoxicated for his connection with an incident on Jan. 5 in Benzie County's Colfax Township.

The charges in question are only accusations. Cook is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law. The prosecution has the burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

At 2:30 a.m. on Jan. 5, a Michigan State Police trooper responded to a car/deer crash on Lindy Road near Copemish Road in Benzie County's Colfax Township, according to a press release by the Cadillac Michigan State Police Post. The trooper arrived on the scene and spoke with a passerby who reported the crash. Police said the caller was approximately 150 yards behind the vehicle that struck the deer.

The trooper learned that the caller parked far away from the crash because the driver of the vehicle that struck the deer was walking around outside the damaged vehicle acting funny and carrying something in his right hand, police said. The trooper then saw the driver of the vehicle that hit the deer running towards him wielding a machete, according to the press release.

The man was ordered to drop the machete after the trooper identified himself as law enforcement, which the man later found to be Cook did. Police said Cook was then handcuffed. While he was in custody, police said Cook made irrational statements and appeared to be under the influence. This included speaking about things that were not there and that he was fighting off zombies, according to police.

Cook's vehicle had sustained heavy damage after hitting two deer and during the search of the vehicle, police said the trooper recovered three unloaded, long guns from the trunk. Cook was lodged in the Benzie County Jail before his arraignment.

Bond was set by the court at 10% of $20,000 and he is scheduled to be back in court on Jan. 21, according to the press release. 

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