MANTON — For years, Elsie Verdenberg tried to get a quilt trail started in Wexford County but ultimately could never generate the interest.

Verdenberg may not have gotten widespread interest, but she did have an impact. Recently, Bev Monroe had a quilt block placed on her barn. Monroe said after touring the quilt trail on the Old Mission Peninsula and seeing many of the squares in Osceola County, she wanted a square placed on her barn, but the barn needed some TLC.

“Our barn needed painting, and no pattern seemed right. This year I got Denny Kaser to paint the barn,‘ she said. “Unbeknownst to me, my friend Kathy Haddrill had taken a class in Frankenmuth and made a quilt block for the barn.‘

Moving the quilt square involved several people, and last week, Tom and Greg King and Lloyd Butcher with a tractor installed the quilt square on the barn located at the corner of East 12 and North 41 roads north of Manton.

Verdenberg tried to get a quilt trail started in Wexford County and even offered a free quilt block. Not many people applied for the first block, but eventually, it was given to and placed on the Phelps Brothers Mill in Manton, according to Monroe. The quilt square on the mill is currently off the building while it is resided, but once it is finished Monroe said it will return.

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