MARION — In roughly 30 minutes, Marion Public School was placed in and removed from a district-wide lockdown after it was reported a "potentially dangerous figure" was spotted near campus.

That announcement was made via the district's Facebook page around 11 a.m. Tuesday by Marion Superintendent Chris Arrington. In the post, Arrington said, "We received notification from authorities about a potentially dangerous figure near our campus. At this time, please refrain from attempting to come into either building. At the current moment, no persons will be allowed in or out of the buildings. We will come out of lockdown and resume normal functioning as soon as we get clearance from authorities. Rest assured every child and adult in our buildings today are completely safe."

The lockdown remained in place for roughly 30 minutes when Arrington again posted on the district Facebook page saying the lockdown was lifted. In the post he said, "...We have received confirmation from local authorities that the potentially dangerous person is in police custody, and we are completely fine to go about our normal business like any other day. I praise our local authorities, our Critical Incident Manager, Tom Mynsberge, as well as our staff and students for handling this situation with poise. I also praise our parents and guardians for trusting the authorities and school staff to allow us to do our job - which first and foremost, is keeping all students safe."

According to the Osceola County Sheriff Ed Wiliams, the lockdown was "purely precautionary."

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