Marion woman recovering in bed after double knee surgery gets new TV

From left, Mike McGuire, John McKay, Rhonda Vandervelde, Jan Masten, Michelle Wagner, Frances Maddox, Dawn Jacobs, Pete Nemish and Nancy Foster. Everyone pictured with the exception of Wagner and Maddox are employees of Coldwell Banker.

MARION — Michelle Wagner isn’t one to complain about her lot in life, although she admitted that she’s been going through a rough patch lately.

“I’ve been going through an emotional time,” said Wagner. “Buying a new TV would be my last priority.‘

For some time, Wagner has been borrowing a 15-inch television from her sister’s travel trailer; every time she wants to watch a show at her home in Marion, she has to pull the set out into her living room and place it on top of a dog crate.

Wagner said she jokes about the set with her landlord, Frances Maddox, who questioned if it even shows pictures in color.

The two women are close friends, and Wagner gets choked up talking about the things Maddox does for her on a daily basis.

“It’s just the small things,” Wagner said. “She’s so giving and helpful to me. She does it for all her other tenants, too. She thinks of things I need before I do. I couldn’t ask for a better landlord.”

Seeing some of the struggles that Wagner has been going through over the last year, Maddox decided to nominate her for a gift in this year’s Believe ... Christmas Wishes Do Come True campaign.

“She has had such a bad year,‘ Maddox wrote in her submission letter. “Had to have surgery and now is having two knee replacements. Can’t work!! Would be wonderful for her to have some entertainment for her healing time.”

When Wagner was informed she would be the recipient of a brand new 43-inch LG flat screen TV courtesy of Coldwell Banker, she was “ecstatic.”

“I couldn’t believe it,‘ said Wagner, who grilled Maddox about nominating her for the gift.

“I asked her, ‘you got something to tell me?’” Wagner said. “She finally broke a smile ... we hugged each other and cried. I was like, really? It was wonderful.”

As for why Maddox nominated Wagner for the gift, she summed it up simply: “She deserves it.”

Dawn Jacobs, with Coldwell Banker, said they loved seeing how happy Wagner was to be chosen for the gift.

“She seemed to be pretty tickled,” Jacobs said.

Jacobs said Coldwell Banker employees contribute all year long to a fund that eventually is used around the holidays to fulfill some type of need in the community. She said they all take a vote to decide what programs to support.

This will be their second year participating in the Believe campaign and Jacobs said they absolutely love it.

Wagner said she was looking forward to watching some of her favorite shows and streaming Netflix on the new television.

“You don’t know how much I’m going to appreciate this,” Wagner said. “Do I deserve it? I don’t know. But it means the world to me.”

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