McBain does not receive $35K funding requested from state

McBain will not receive the $35,000 Category B funding it applied for back in April to do roadwork.

MCBAIN — McBain will not be granted the $35,000 it applied for from the state to do roadwork.

In April, McBain City Council passed a resolution to establish matching funds of $35,000 from the local street fund to match state funding for city street work through a potential Category B grant.

The Category B fund, also known as Community Infrastructure Fund, is through the Michigan Department of Transportation’s Transportation Economic Development Fund, according to a MDOT press release.

This funding provides grants to selected cities and villages with populations less than 10,000 for road improvements. It provides $3 million per year through fiscal year 2023 to be allocated for road improvements in cities and villages with a population of 10,000 or fewer.

Eligible projects include reconstruction, replacement, rehabilitation and capital preventive maintenance of city or village streets. The maximum annual grant is $250,000 and the requested grant amount must be matched at least equally by the requesting agency.

If granted the money, McBain planned to spend it on Cottage Grove Avenue and Decker Road work and pave sections that are currently dirt. A future plan for Cottage Grove Avenue was potentially going to be some bridgework.

The grant application alone was $500 to cover engineers meeting with the city to assist with the development of project scope for road improvement, preparing a cost estimate for the proposed project and submitting the application on behalf of the city, Roberts said.

He said the city will have to wait until 2021 to submit another application.

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