MCBAIN — Northern Michigan Christian School is undergoing a multiple phase renovation and expansion project and is looking to fund the construction of a potentially $1 million practice facility.

The project consists of four phases. Phase three includes getting the school a new gym roof, new wood floor and replacing the metal bleachers, which alone cost an estimated $602,720.

School superintendent Scott Curell said funding is getting close for phase three, “but we still need a lot of help for phase four, which is the practice facility.‘

They want to break ground for phase four by this fall, but they will need to generate more funds before they can do that, he said.

The project is completely donation-funded and people can call the school for more information. People can donate by writing checks out to the school and writing what phase of the project they want to donate to in the memo section, said Diane Eisenga, athletic and development assistant.

Eisenga said they are very blessed with the support from the community for the project, even from people who don’t have a child attending the school anymore.

“Most people remember this place fondly and want to support it,‘ she said.

If they are able to build the practice facility it would lighten the burden on the athletic department by having a space for practices. It would also make scheduling and hosting things like middle school basketball so much easier, she said.

The school has wanted to launch this project for quite a while and has looked at seriously doing it for the last five years.

It’s kind of an “all-in-one‘ project that has four different phases.

Phase one and two are completed and included repaving the existing parking lot, renovating the special education suite and the library, getting new front entrance signage and getting new filtered water drinking stations.

Phase three is currently underway and they hope to be finished with it by Aug. 16, said Chad Booher, finance and development director.

With the all-new bleachers, the school will now have score tables and chairs for the team players. They will lose the front two rows of seating in the bleachers, but the players mostly sat there anyway, Eisenga said.

For phase four, the biggest element is the new practice facility, which could cost anywhere from $850,000 to $1 million. The phase also includes replacing the cafeteria floor, renovating the high school bathrooms and building an entrance canopy for the gym, which alone would cost over $85,000.

The school’s next step moving forward is to determine the level of support that exists for these major projects, Booher wrote in a letter to the NMCS community.

They would like to secure the commitment level for the practice facility portion of the project by June 30.

Thus far there has been a very gracious outpouring of support from the community for this project.

“We’re very blessed that we’re even able to undertake a project this size,‘ he said.

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