MCBAIN — Tears and laughter were shared at McBain Rural Agricultural School on Monday during a special lunch honoring three retirees.

Middle school language arts teacher Kathy McCauliff, high school special education teacher Ingrid Herweyer and maintenance director Dan Eisenga will all be officially retired on June 30.

Altogether the retirees have around 75 years working there between them, superintendent Steve Prissel said.

He said they have more adventures waiting out there for them, whether with their families or with new business ventures.

Different people spoke for each of the retirees, starting with Kelli O’Keefe.

O’Keefe is a math teacher and had the honor of not only working with McCauliff but being taught by her when she was 11.

The first lesson she learned was to never be on the receiving end of her ire, she said.

What she later learned is how talented and welcoming and loving of her fellow staff McCauliff is.

“And how desperately we are going to miss her presence in the upcoming school years,‘ O’Keefe said.

Paraprofessional Karen Westmas spoke about Herweyer and said that she has demonstrated dignity and decorum every day.

The best way to illustrate this was by reading from a letter from one of the students.

Sometimes Herweyer gets loud, but they still like her and will miss her dearly next year, she read.

Herweyer has to take care of “business‘ after she retires by having fun every day, Westmas said.

Prissel spoke about Eisenga and said they worked a lot together on the bond proposal.

“Dan knows so much about this building and district,‘ Prissel said.

What he’s really going to miss is Eisenga’s passion and having someone that will do anything for Rambler country, he said.

McCauliff said she would miss the school’s sports and the staff she has gotten to work with.

“I teach in a wonderful place,‘ she said.

Well, at least for another couple hours, she added.

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