McBain superintendent gets evaluation, $110,000 salary

McBain Rural Agricultural School Superintendent Steve Prissel has received an evaluation from the school board and has had his contract with the school extended.

MCBAIN — Whenever you join a new administration you wonder what the welcome will be like, McBain Rural Agricultural School Superintendent Steve Prissel said.

He’s been at the school about a year now and in that time has developed a leadership team and even had his contract extended by the school board.

“They’ve been very welcoming and now I feel like part of the family,‘ Prissel said. “I feel like a Rambler.‘

At its June meeting, the school board unanimously voted to extend Prissel’s contract so that it now ends on June 30, 2021.

By signing the contract, Prissel agreed to devote his talents, skills, efforts and abilities toward competently and proficiently fulfilling all duties and responsibilities of the position assigned, according to the contract.

Prissel will receive an annual salary rate of $110,000 for performance of the duties and responsibilities in conformance with the requirements and expectations of the board.

He will also be compensated for the following:

• Cell phone stipend of $75 a month.

• iPad data package stipend of $15 a month, paid yearly.

• If he resides within district boundaries he receives an additional $5,000 to his base salary.

• If he meets the set of mutually agreed-upon performance goals set at contract signing, he will receive an additional $3,000 to his base salary.

Prissel is employed on the basis of 52 weeks of work per contract and fiscal year, July 1 through June 30, as scheduled by the board. He is granted 20 vacation days per fiscal year, according to the contract.

The superintendent does not have to serve the district on Independence Day, Labor Day, Deer Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, President’s Day, Good Friday and Memorial Day.

The board, at its sole discretion, may extend the contract for an additional year during the first year of the contract upon completion of the annual evaluation.

The board is entitled to terminate Prissel’s employment at any time during his contract if he engages in acts of “moral turpitude, misconduct, dishonesty, fraud, insubordination, incompetency, inefficiency,‘ or for other reasons that are not arbitrary or capricious, according to the contract.

In June the board also gave Prissel a superintendent evaluation through the Michigan Association of School Boards model.

Through the model, an evaluation score is compiled through professional practice, student growth and progress toward district-wide goals to equal 100%. Prissel scored a 92% and as such is considered highly effective through the model.

Prissel said he’s excited the board extended his contract. As for the evaluation, he’s very professionally motivated and knows there are things he can do better. And he’s committed to doing them.

“I’m always looking to grow,‘ he said.

He said the big thing when he filled this position was getting the staff relations set. That first year everyone was trying to figure out who he was and now they know, he said.

They have a good school board that is collaborative and represents the McBain community and one of the biggest differences this year was the addition of a full-time middle school principal, he said.

He said it was a solid decision by the school board and has had a big impact on their success. They have a really solid leadership team and he’s proud to say they are his leadership team.

“We currently have more work to do, and I do too,‘ he said. “But we feel we’re at a really good spot right now.‘

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