McBain to spend around $4K on lift station improvement

McBain City Council has voted to spend around $4,000 installing a lift station improvement.

MCBAIN — At its last meeting, McBain City Council voted to add an auto-transfer switch on its main sewer lift station.

All council members present voted for the city to spend around $4,000 for Jackson Electric to install the switch. Councilman Doug Smith was not present for the vote.

McBain Department of Public Works Superintendent Mike King said he got the price from the company in May and adding the switch will streamline the department’s procedures during power outages.

“If we lose power in town we’ve got about 15 minutes, half-hour, to get here, get that generator started,‘ he said. “That’s the first place we run to.‘

McBain Mayor Joey Roberts said they have lost power where he lives before but not where King lives, so then Roberts will have to call King to let him know it has to be transferred.

Right now the department has to manually switch the switches and hit the key, but with the new auto-transfer switch the lift station will start and transfer itself automatically, King said.

Wastewater lift stations are facilities designed to move wastewater from lower to higher elevation through pipes and are often equipped with a power supply system, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

If the power supply is interrupted, flow transportation is discontinued and can result in flooding upstream of the lift station. It can also interrupt the normal operation of the downstream wastewater transport and treatment facilities. This issue is typically addressed by providing an emergency power supply, according to the EPA.

Roberts said the funds for the installation will come out of the city budget sewer fund.

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