CADILLAC — A 31-year-old Mesick man faced a larceny-related offense during his recent arraignment in Wexford County’s 84th District Court.

Jonathan Patrick Gustafson was charged with one count of attempted larceny in a building for his connection with an incident on Sept. 7 in Mesick. If convicted, Gustafson faces up to two years in prison and/or $2,500 in fines.

The charge in question is an accusation. Gustafson is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law. The prosecution has the burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

The Cadillac Michigan State Police Post reported a trooper was called to a laundromat on West 16 Road in Mesick on Sept. 7 for a report of the attempted larceny. Police said the owner stated he was in his office when heard a noise inside the laundromat.

Police said the owner went to investigate and saw a man toss a black bag on a table and leave the store with a woman. Inside the bag was approximately $84 in quarters. When the trooper arrived, police said he and the owner reviewed surveillance footage, which showed a man and woman doing their laundry while hanging around the coin machine.

The man and woman left the laundromat with their laundry and police said the man later returned. Police said the man went to the coin machine while the woman stood near the door. They had both changed their clothes before returning and police said the man can be seen tampering with the door of the coin machine and gaining access to the coins.

Police said the man then put the coins in a black bag and as the store owner walks in the room, the man throws the bag on a table and leaves with the woman.

The following day, police said the owner of the laundromat saw the same couple near a local business and gave chase. Troopers were nearby and police said they ordered the couple to stop. They complied and police said they were interviewed about the incident at the laundromat. The man was identified as Gustafson. The other person was identified as a 38-year-old Mesick female.

A report was turned over to the prosecutor’s office for review and police said an arrest warrant was authorized for Gustafson on Oct. 15. Police said he was later arrested and lodged in the Grand Traverse County Jail before being transported to Wexford County for his arraignment.

The court issued a $5,000 cash or surety bond and Gustafson was scheduled to be back in court on Nov. 2.

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