Missaukee Co. has 40th COVID case

CADILLAC — Tuesday afternoon saw Missaukee County reaching 40 confirmed COVID-19 cases since the pandemic came to Michigan in March.

District Health Department No. 10 data showed that there was one newly confirmed case on Tuesday, making the case the 40th one in Missaukee County to be confirmed by diagnostic testing. Another 15 people are believed to have the virus that causes COVID-19 but haven’t tested positive. Two cases in Missaukee County had onset dates in the past 10 days.

Onset dates, which are either the day symptoms begin or the day you’re tested for the virus, are used to understand how likely it is a person is still contagious. Generally, people are contagious for about 10 days after the onset date.

Wexford County had two newly confirmed cases on Tuesday, bringing the pandemic total there to 102 cases in addition to 20 suspected cases. Two Wexford County cases have onset dates in the past 10 days.

Lake County has had 31 confirmed cases, one probable case and zero cases in the past 10 days. Osceola County has dropped by one case to 78 confirmed cases (the numbers sometimes fluctuate slightly during the verification process). Five confirmed cases had onset dates in the past 10 days. There was one probable case with an onset date in the past 10 days. State data has the total number of probable cases in Osceola County at 10.

Statewide, there were 113,183 confirmed COVID-19 cases as of Tuesday, with 6,612 deaths (four have happened in Wexford County and one in Missaukee County) since the pandemic came to the state. There have been an estimated 85,513 recoveries, based on a state standard that deems you “recovered‘ if you’re still alive a month after developing symptoms.

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