FALMOUTH— Izzy the pig was not having it.

The hog protested fiercely when she arrived at the Missaukee Agricultural Youth Show on Friday afternoon.

Teens and adults tried to herd her into her pen, but she dodged them, dashing through the barn aisles and even bumping into a Cadillac News reporter a couple of times. She did eventually make it into her pen.

Lily Sullivan, 15, of Moorestown, said she named the pig after a friend at the friend's request.

She's hoping Izzy will calm down and cooperate a little more when she shows the animal on Tuesday; after that, the pig will be sold to market on Thursday and Lily will put the money in her college fund.

Izzy isn't even the pig raised by the Sullivan kids who is most known for making escapes.

That'd be "Piggy," who likes to jump fences, said Claire, 12.

The other pigs raised by the Sullivan kids are Big Mama, who is Liam's, age 11, and Opal, raised by Fiona, 19. It's Fiona's 11th and final year showing. She's won the market section twice, she said, but this is the end of the road for her.

The younger Sullivan kids said they're hoping to show rabbits next year and also raise chickens, though not for show.

Friday was the first day of the show. Pigs are in the first batch of animals to arrive, according to Caleb Kamphouse, 16, because they're among the easiest to care for. Other animals that need a little more work will arrive later.

Sue Beerens, president of the youth show, said about 250 kids are expected to participate this year.

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