Model airplane, helicopter and drone club to host exhibition event Sept. 6

Pictured is the CAMS air field in Tustin, where the club will be hosting their annual air show on Sunday, Sept. 6.

TUSTIN — The Cadillac Area Modelers Society is pulling out all the stops next week for their annual air show, which for the first time will be complemented by pyrotechnics.

While CAMS has been hosting the exhibition of remote controlled airplanes, helicopters and more recently, drones, for more than 50 years, this year’s event on Sunday, Sept. 6 also will feature fireworks.

Club member Toby Danford said at the same time that replica military aircraft are flying through the air, one of the other club members will shoot off fireworks, simulating the dropping of miniature ordnance on hostile targets.

In danger of disbanding only four years ago, Danford said CAMS has made a big comeback in recent years thanks to a surging interest in drones, as well as new technology that makes flying remote controlled airplanes much easier.

In the past, Danford said learning to fly a model airplane came with a steep learning curve: one of the only ways for a novice flyer to learn the ropes without crashing their plane was by having a more experienced flyer also connected to the plane.

Model airplanes nowadays feature safeguards that can be adjusted for skill level to prevent the airplanes from engaging in maneuvers that could cause them to spin out of the control. Once the flyer becomes more skilled and confident, they can gradually ease off the safeguards and eventually remove them completely, Danford said.

New airplanes and helicopters also are much less expensive to operate, as they are powered by electricity and no longer require nitro fuel.

Currently, Danford said they have around 25-30 active members, including a handful that signed up just this year.

The air show on Sept. 6 will be held from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 584 South Neilson St., in Tustin.

There is no charge to attend the event but CAMS will be accepting donations to help fund club activities. Those who attend are advised to bring their own lawn chairs. Concessions will be provided by the Kiwanis club.

Anyone interested in learning more about the club should check out their Facebook page or call (231) 768-4259.

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