CADILLAC — Music was in the air Saturday in downtown Cadillac as the sixth-annual After 26 Depot Music Festival helped to support the After 26 Depot Cafe.

Performers at this year’s festival included the Landing Dance Academy, Craig Walworth, Once Upon a Bison, Feeding Grizzlies, 1000 Watt Prophets, The Adam Joynt Band, and headliner American Hotel System.

Annually the music festival is the largest fundraiser of the year, and roughly $15,000 was raised at Saturday’s events, according to organizers.

In Michigan, after 26 years of age, adults with developmental disabilities and cognitive impairment can no longer attend public school. For these individuals and their families, what to do next can be a real challenge, which is why After 26 Depot Cafe was created.

Typical job responsibilities at After 26 Depot Cafe include greeting customers, taking water to tables, washing dishes, busing and cleaning tables, cleaning menus, janitorial duties, and related tasks. The depot is overseen by a volunteer board of directors, with daily operations handled by a general manager.

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