Osceola County proposal results

A number of millage renewals made their way on to the Osceola County August Primary ballot, and voters approved them all.

REED CITY — Several millage renewals made their way onto the Osceola County August Primary ballot this year, and voters approved every last one.

In Evart, the city police department asked voters to renew its millage. It was passed with 201 yes votes to 88 no votes.

Burdell Township’s Fire District millage renewal passed with 245 yes votes and 116 no votes. The Burdell Township Road Improvement renewal was also passed with 246 yes votes and 116 no votes.

Cedar Township’s millage renewal was passed with 92 yes votes and 55 no votes.

In Evart Township, a road millage was renewed with 233 yes votes and 132 no votes.

The Hartwick Township Road Maintenance renewal was approves with 101 yes votes and 28 no votes.

Lincoln Township successfully renewed its road millage with 268 yes votes and 140 no votes.

Middle Branch Township had its millage renewal approved with 141 yes votes and 52 no votes.

Richmond Township’s Road Maintenance millage was also renewed with 332 yes votes and 144 no votes.

Rose Lake Township saw its road millage proposal renewed with 254 yes votes and 127 no votes.

Evart Public Schools, McBain Rural School and Reed City Schools all saw renewals for their operating millages. Evart received 884 yes votes to 527 no votes, McBain received 87 yes votes to 34 no votes and Reed City received 1,022 yes votes to 560 no votes.

These results are unofficial until they are reviewed and certified by the Osceola County Board of Canvassers.