Planning commission oks land division so Spence Plastics can expand

This screenshot shows the land division and parcel swap plan that will make it possible for Spencer Plastics to expand.

CADILLAC — Cadillac's planning division has agreed to a land division that will facilitate some property swapping.

Within the Potvin Industrial Park, Spencer Plastics has parcel three along Gary E. Schwach Street. The parcel is 5.56 acres. The business is aiming to expand into parcel two.

That parcel is owned, however, by Consumers Energy. But Consumers Energy is willing to scooch over. Parcel two is 2.58. But the next parcel over, parcel one, is 6.11 acres and owned by the city.

The city-owned parcel is on the corner of 13th Street and Ron Wilson Street is unencumbered.

The solution, then, is to subdivide the city's parcel and then swap land with Consumers Energy. Consumers Energy would get 2.17 acres on the 13th Street and Ron Wilson Street corner, while the city would own parcel two. The city would sell parcel two to Spencer Plastics and keep the remaining 3.94 acres in parcel one.

On Monday night, the planning commission approved the land division that would make it all possible, though a few more steps remain before the plan is complete.

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