Reed City Mayor showing symptoms; not yet tested for COVID-19

Reed City Mayor Trevor Guiles has gone into self-quarantine after showing sings of COVID-19.

REED CITY — The Reed City mayor is self-quarantining after showing symptoms of COVID-19 but says he is not worried.

Trevor Guiles is keeping his distance from family and others as of Friday, March 20 as he has begun to show symptoms of COVID-19 such as chills, being hot to the touch and a persistent cough.

"I called in on Friday and was advised by Spectrum to self-quarantine," he said. "(...) I have not had a fever when I take my temperature with a thermometer but my forehead is very warm to the touch."

Though he has not yet been tested for the virus, Guiles said he is taking precautions as he is more worried about spreading COVID-19 than it causing him any serious issues.

"Personally, I am not worried about it. I am a generally healthy person. I watch what I eat, I am a runner, so I am not worried about dying or anything like that," he said. "(...) I am more concerned about spreading it to others."

As a pastor at Liberty Baptist Church in Reed City, Guiles said he has been taking precautions even prior to even before he started showing symptoms.

"I come in contact with a lot of people," he said. "So, even though we are considered an essential service, even after the recent stay home order, we just don't think it is a wise thing to hold services. We have been doing a lot online with live streaming. My decan has even brought up getting tablets for some of the senior population to use so they can attend things like services or have a meeting without physically coming in."

Guiles is still awaiting testing for the virus and said he is not sure if he will ever get tested.

"After being told to go into quarantine, I went onto my MiHealth account to find a notice that they were not testing anyone other than health workers at this time," he said. "I, also, don't have a fever if you use a thermometer, though I am hot to the touch."

According to Spectrum Health, the Reed City Hospital is testing but, with limited supplies and lab space, are only testing those that are considered a high priority.

"Testing supplies and laboratory capacity are limited. In an effort to ensure the highest risk suspected COVID-19 patients are tested, we are aligned with the revised State of Michigan COVID-19 testing guidelines announced March 18 by the Department of Health and Human Service," Communications Specialist John Norton wrote in an email. "Spectrum Health will give testing priority to patients with fever or cough AND hospitalized with severe lower respiratory illness, pregnant women in the third trimester, severely immunocompromised individuals, health care workers, and patients in other public safety occupations (e.g., law enforcement, firefighters, EMS)."

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