Sunday, May 30

• Officers were requested to perform a civil standby while a male collected his belongings from his ex-girlfriend’s house. The individual was able to enter the residence and collect his items without incident.

• Officers were dispatched to assist with a found dog. The caller reported she had tried locating the owners of the grey Pitbull without success. The officer collected the dog and took it to the animal shelter without incident.

• Officers were dispatched to a residence regarding a request from Kent County Dispatch about a 911 call they received from a female making suicidal comments. Kent Co. Dispatch reported the owner of the phone number was believed to be living at an address in Reed City. The responding officer spoke with a male at the residence who stated that the number had belonged to his girlfriend. He added that she had passed away earlier in the year, therefore no longer had that phone number. The information was passed on to the Kent County.


Monday, May 31

• Officers responded to a car vs. deer accident. The deer hit the windshield and the driver received minor cuts from flying glass pieces. The driver declined EMS and the vehicle was towed from the scene.

• Officers were dispatched to assist an Osceola County Sheriff Deputy on a traffic stop regarding an uncooperative individual who was issued a citation for no plate or insurance and his vehicle towed.

• Officers were dispatched to an out-of-control juvenile who had been striking his sister and mother. Due to his age, the parents were referred to Probate Court for further action and a referral was done for CPS.


Tuesday, June 1

• Officers were dispatched in regards to a 911 hang-up call but Dispatch was unable to get a fixed location. The officer’s investigation led to the call being placed by a young female who stated she had called 911 by mistake and refused to give her name and address at first. The officer was finally able to get a name and address from the girl and spoke with her mother to confirm she was safe.

• Officers were requested to transport a 63-year-old male from the Osceola County Courthouse building to the jail for a bond violation warrant. The individual was transported to the Osceola County Jail without incident.

• Officers received a found PayPal debit card. Attempts to contact the name on the card were unsuccessful.

• Officers continued to serve residents abatement notices regarding overgrown lawns.


Wednesday, June 2

• Officers responded to an area regarding a loud noise from a motor vehicle complaint. The officer arrived and found the area was quiet but spoke with an individual who was stated he had the stereo turned up but had turned it down, realizing it was too loud.

• Officers stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation and issued an appearance citation to the 27-year-old female driver for operating without insurance. She was also cited for having an expired plate. Since the vehicle could not legally be driven on the road it was towed pending insurance coverage.

• Officers were dispatched to the intersection of U.S. 10 and Mackinaw Trail regarding a two-vehicle personal injury accident. A 64-year-old female driver was injured and had to be transported to the hospital. The driver of the other vehicle, an 82-year-old male, was issued a citation for failure to yield. He was slightly injured but declined transportation to the hospital. Both vehicles had to be towed from the scene.


Thursday, June 3

• Officers were dispatched to an apartment complex regarding illegal dumping. The officer spoke to the owner of the garbage who stated they had parents that lived there who offered to take their extra bags. A verbal warning was issued and they were advised they must be a resident of the complex.

• Officers were dispatched to two individuals sleeping in a vacant building. Upon arrival, it was determined to be the remodeling crew from out of town who had been given permission to sleep there for a couple of days while they completed the work.


Friday, June 4

• Officers were dispatched to a complaint of fraud. The woman stated she had sold a phone over the internet and shipped it out expecting to receive a payment from Paypal. She never received the payment and Paypal has advised the information given by the buyer was not valid information.

• Officers were dispatched to a complaint of threats. The threats were made to a man’s ex-girlfriend. The man is on probation and a stipulation of his probation is not to engage in threatening behavior. The matter is under investigation.


Saturday, June 5

• Officers were dispatched to a complaint of a barking dog. Upon contact, the owner of the puppy was given a warning and advised it could not constantly make noise while it was outside alone. The owner advised he would accompany the dog outside or keep it inside.

• Officers assisted the Osceola County Sheriff's Department in locating a missing adult. The officer talked with the young man and passed the information on to the Sheriff's Department.

• Officers were requested to assist the Osceola County Sheriff's Department with two suspicious individuals acting strange. Upon arrival, drug paraphernalia was located and an arrest was made for possession of drugs.

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