Monday, February 8

- Officers responded to an apartment regarding a juvenile male refusing to go to school. Once the juvenile realized the Officer was there to escort him to school, he got up, gathered his school bag and left with the Officer without incident.

- Officers were dispatched to a car/deer accident on E. Church Avenue. The vehicle sustained damage but was still drivable. The deer was last seen heading down the Pere Marquette Trail.

- While on patrol, Officers observed a semi-truck and trailer on N Chestnut St. with its hazard lights on. The driver stated that due to the cold weather he had an air-line rupture and was trying to fix it. The Officer made calls to get another truck driver to respond and hook up and remove the trailer from the street. The driver was then able to leave to get the needed replacement parts to make the repairs.

- Officers were dispatched to a residence regarding a complaint of harassment and threatening communications from an ex-boyfriend via Facebook Messenger. The Officer then spoke with the ex-boyfriend and issued a verbal warning to have no more contact with the complainant.

Wednesday, February 10

 - Officers were requested to investigate a complaint regrading possible threats that were made between 3 juveniles. The investigating Officer found the threats were minor and did not appear to ever be put into action. The Officer advised all 3 juveniles if there are any further problems to report it directly to an adult in charge.

- Officers were dispatched to assist the Big Rapids Police Department with locating a woman who paid half her bill at a Motel in Big Rapids. The Officer located the 23-year-old female in question, who denied the accusation and showed her receipt. The Officer advised she contact the BRPD, which she did with the Officers phone, in which it was explained that she only paid for one week and had stayed for two. The Officer advised her if she didn’t pay, there would be a warrant issued. The woman became upset and hung up the phone.

- Officers responded to a complaint of a PPO violation. The female complainant explained her ex-husband of whom she held a personal protection order from had been calling, texting and emailing her. She stated that her ex had just been arrested for braking into her home in Arizona. She added that the arresting police officer in Arizona advised she contact RCPD and file a report regarding the emails, phone calls and text messages. The report was complete and the Officer forwarded the information on to the Officer in Arizona.

- Officers were dispatched to a 911 hang up, while in route, Dispatch advised that they made contact with the caller, who stated she was in a verbal argument with a 23-year-old male and that she wanted him to leave and he was refusing. Upon the officers' arrival, the male subject was outside about to leave. After allowing the man to leave the Officer spoke with the woman who reported it was a verbal dispute and nothing physical.

Thursday, February 11

- Officers were requested to assist the MSP and perform a traffic stop on a suspicious vehicle. Two male occupants of the vehicle were detained for questioning and their vehicle searched. Once complete they were released with verbal notification of their outstanding warrants from other counties.

Friday, February 12

- Officers were dispatched to a 2-vehicle property damage accident on W Lincoln Ave. No injuries were reported with minor damage and no air bag deployment.

- Officers received a complaint regarding a possible probation violation. The matter is under investigation.

- Officers received a call regarding an identity theft complaint. The 46-year-old female stated Verizon contacted her, stating she owes money for cellular service she has never signed up for. The Officer file the report she would need to provide to Verizon.

Saturday, February 13

- Officers were dispatched to an apartment, regarding a suspicious situation of illegal entry. The complainant reported a strange man had been hanging out in the hall way during the early morning hour. The caller stated the stranger said he was there to sell him something, the complainant responded, that he was going to call the police. The stranger then left the building. The matter is under investigation.

- Officers were dispatched to speak with a resident regarding a suspicious man walking down the street taking pictures of all the houses. The responding officer spoke with another resident who fit the description given and found he was the man taking the pictures. The man stated he was taking pictures of the trees not the houses. He added he had concerns regarding the safety of the trees during a storm. The Officer advised he take his concerns to City Hall and bring it to their attention.

- While on patrol an Officer found a vehicle parked half in the driveway with the other half in the road. The Officer made contact with the vehicle owner and issued a verbal warning that she could park in the driveway or on the side of the road but not half and half since it created a road hazard. The woman stated she understood and immediately moved the vehicle and parked it in the road legally.

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