Remember to keep your pets out of algal blooms

There was a short algal bloom on Lake Cadillac in September of 2019

CADILLAC —It's the weather, of course.

If you're seeing some green on Lakes Mitchell and Cadillac this week, it's because of some weather earlier in the week that caused blue-green algal blooms.

Though the algal blooms have been minimal this year compared to some previous years, there are blooms starting on the lakes, Wexford County Drain Commissioner Mike Solomon said on Thursday.

"We have had low winds and rain on Monday that contributed to this," he said in an email to the Cadillac News.

The start of algal blooms mean you'll want to keep your pets from drinking green water. Keep your own face out of the water, too. The dog can't drink it and you shouldn't either!

Not all blue-green algal blooms are toxic but they have the potential to be, and only testing can say for sure whether the bloom on your lake is toxic.

Run-off is considered a primary cause of algal blooms, though Jennifer Jermalowicz-Jones, Ph.D, owner of Restorative Lake Sciences, told the Cadillac news in 2019 that carbon dioxide could be another factor.

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