Q: What is the last day Cadillac picks up Christmas trees?

A: As you are reading this Rover regrets to inform you that this past week was when the garbage pick-up in the Cadillac allowed residents to put their Christmas trees on the roadside.

Cadillac Utilities Director Jeff Dietlin said the city typically waits two weeks after the Christmas holiday for the tree pick up. A special truck is used to get the trees and after that week, they are no longer taken. So if you still have your tree and are hoping to put it out for trash pick up in the coming week, you will need to find an alternate way of disposal.

Q: There are signs all around the county that read “God bless America.” Who is responsible for maintaining them? They are always so nicely kept.

A: Rover has been looking for an answer to this question for weeks and hasn’t been able to come up with anything. He has reached out to veterans organizations and they too are curious. So, he is hoping that the person responsible for the signs is a Cadillac News reader or someone who knows that person is.

If you know who is responsible for placing those signs, please reach out to Rover by calling (231) 775-6564 or emailing news@cadillacnews.com. Rover will also need a way to contact the person too so make sure you have a way for him to do that.

When he gets some more information, he will update this answer, but until then, stay tuned.

You can ask Rover a question by calling (231) 775-NEWS (6397) or emailing the question to news@cadillacnews.com.

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