Q: Are there any updates on the “Cadillac Castle‘ apartment complex?

A: Rover visited this question in June and is not surprised readers are curious as to what is happening. Before moving forward, let us take a look back and what we already knew.

In June, Rover contacted Cadillac Zoning Administrator Mike Coy to see if he could shed some light on this question. In short, Coy told Rover that yes the project appears to be moving forward.

He also told Rover in February the project was scheduled to go in front of the Cadillac Zoning Board of Appeals on March 21, and the revised site plan will be looked at during that meeting. Coy also said the developer is looking for a variance that has to do with lot coverage. He also said the new concept for the project includes a smaller building footprint than it did previously and with that added space there is some room to install carports.

During fall 2018, developers were informed they were not chosen to receive tax credits to build the proposed Cadillac Castle senior housing complex. Developer Phil Seybert said the tax credits, which are available through the Michigan State Housing Development Authority, are integral to funding the project, according to a Cadillac News article that ran in March by Chris Lamphere.

Without the tax credit offered by MSHDA, Seybert said building and operating the facility just wouldn’t be feasible. He said their application was denied in October 2018 due to several factors, including the fact that competition for the tax credit is pretty intense.

Also, Seybert said MSHDA changed some of their qualification guidelines and October 2018 was the first application round since that occurred.

“Everybody was trying to find their way,‘ Seybert said in the March article. “We’re a little more hopeful to (be chosen for the credit) this time around.‘

On April 1, the plan was to apply again for the tax credit and if they are chosen, Seybert said in the March article he would like to begin site work in the fall and construction in the winter.

Now that we are all caught up, Rover again contacted Coy to see if he had any information. He informed Rover that there is nothing new to report. Coy added that Seybert did reapply but to the city’s knowledge he had not yet gotten a reply about his application from MSHDA.


Q: What is happening behind the Cadillac Senior Center, at the end of Sunset Lane? A large pump seems to be pulling water from several pipes and small collector wells and discharging it through a filter bag into Lake Cadillac. Why? Won’t this freeze soon?

A: Rover called the man with the plan when it comes to these types of things — Cadillac Utilities Director Jeff Dietlin.

Dietlin said what you witnessed was the city replacing water main using a technique called a directional bore. The technique has workers dig a hole at each end of where the pipe is being installed and then a machine is used to bore a hole through the ground so the pipe can be put in, Dietlin said. The technique allows for the entire area to not have to be dug up.

He said the pump you saw was due to the water table being high that close to the lake. As a result, city workers had to drive down well points to suck the water down and then it was discharged back into the lake. Once the water table was low enough, Dietlin said the pipe was installed.

The project is now completed, the new pipe is in the ground and is currently being used. Due to the early snow, Dietlin said some restoration of the area and lawn will have to occur in the spring.

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