Q: I see construction happening at the previous Marina Restaurant on M-115. Will it reopen as a restaurant? If so, when and what type?

A: The Cadillac News recently had information about the former Marina Restaurant in a story by reporter Karen Hopper Usher. In the story, she wrote Michael Blackmer, owner of The Pines, purchased the former Cadillac Sands Resort in June 2019. He also purchased neighboring businesses. What was once a party store and the home to Primo's BBQ will remain a party store, but will include ice cream instead of barbecue.

After five years of sitting unused, the old Marina restaurant is undergoing a makeover. The restaurant will feature steaks and Italian fare including pasta dishes. That restaurant, to be named the Dockside Inn, is due to open mid-March.


Q: Is it possible to contact the Cadillac Police Department by text or email?

A: Rover called the police department and said there is no way to directly text or email them, but the capability to text is available through Wexford County Central Dispatch.

The capability to text to 911 has been available since 2018, while it is not directly sent to the Cadillac Police Department if an emergency arises in the city they would be notified and dispatched.

When the service went live, Wexford County 911 Director Duane Alworden said texting to 911 is a critical service benefitting anyone who is not able to speak due to an emergency such as a home invasion or an abusive partner. He also said it is intended to help individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing or have speech difficulties. He said texting capabilities also are a benefit for those who might live in areas where wireless services are limited.

While texting is available county-wide, Alworden stressed that calling 911 is always the best option when it is possible.

If a person needs to text to 911, they should send brief messages without using abbreviations or slang. The sender of the text message should also be prepared to give an exact location and what type of emergency help is needed, i.e., police, fire or EMS. Alworden also said the sender of the text should stay with their wireless device, be prepared to answer questions and follow instructions from the 911 dispatcher. 

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