Q: Why is the Wexford County Road Commission not cutting the weeds down on the side of the road? It makes the corners unsafe and you can’t see.

A: Rover talked to Wexford County Road Commission Manager Alan Cooper who told him that if you haven’t seen the shoulders being mowed you soon will.

Cooper said the road commission has been hiring a third-party contractor to mow the shoulders of primary and secondary blacktop roads for the past few years. He said the reason the county contracted the service out is it is faster and cheaper. He said this year the contractor started mowing on July 8 and is expected to be completed by July 19.

“They are behind because of the weather. It probably would have started a week earlier but we normally start this time of year,‘ Cooper said. “There is significant more growth due to the wet weather but we normally start in July.‘

Q: Whose idea was it to put up the white steel poles on the bridge across from the Carl T. Johnson Hunting and Fishing Center and Museum? We think it’s dangerous and it makes it so you don’t have enough room to drive. They also are installed by the After 26 Depot and the new Cadillac Market.

A: Rover contacted Michigan Department of Transportation Traverse City Transportation Service Center Manager Rick Liptak who told him those poles by the museum were an idea between MDOT and the city of Cadillac to keep motorists from cutting the corner when there are pedestrians and bicyclists using the shoulder. He also said there is plenty of room to make the proper turn when the poles are there.

Liptak said the poles also are not steel but plastic and can be removed, which occurs in the winter. The poles are then returned for the warm weather months.

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