Q: Can you please check to see why so many houses were moved from Jennings to Cadillac?

A: Rover is surprised that this question has had such long legs, but he finds it interesting too. Rover did some research online and found a few things. First, he found an ancestery.com thread about Jennings that stated, "The Missaukee County Historical Society has a DVD available which includes many names and photos of the Mitchell Bros. lumber company in Jennings. In the early 1920s, lumbering came to an end in Jennings. The town of Jennings was moved including churches and homes to Cadillac. The Lutheran Church was moved to Lake City."

Rover also found a website, Nailhed.com, and found a post about Jennings. The post cites Gene Scott, author of "Michigan Shadow Towns." Scott wrote that the house-moving from Jennings to Cadillac was a bargain promotion by real-estate men in Cadillac, which resulted in the road being widened or improved, and even made national headlines because some residents rode inside the homes while they were being moved.

About 400 of the lumber company houses in Jennings were less than 30 years old at the time, which also prompted the move.

So that is what Rover found but he plans on talking with someone from the Missaukee County Historical Society to see if they can add to what was found. When he gets that information he will share it.


Q: Why did Wexford County Road Commission chip and seal over brand new pavement on old US 131 between Osceola County line and M-115 when they just finished a very nice paving job last fall?

A: Rover called Wexford County Road Commission Manager Alan Cooper who told Rover studies have shown that chip sealing early in the pavements life can extend its service life by 15-20% and help in saving extensive long-term maintenance costs. He also said the chip seal helps to seal in the light end oils in the asphalt and keep the flexibility of the mix.

The chip seal also provides a waterproof barrier that helps protect the pavement from damage, according to Cooper

"We aren’t finished there. We will fog seal it to help seat the chips. It will be black after we fog it. We also chip sealed Mackinaw trail south of 115," he said. "It has been fogged." 

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