Q: Why doesn't the "Y" enforce the mask-wearing when entering the building? A sign says it is needed to enter and move about the building. There is a daycare used by essential persons.

A: Rover called Cadillac Area YMCA Membership and Marketing Director Paul King to find the answer to this particular question. He told Rover the Cadillac Area YMCA is in a unique situation as it has licensed childcare in the building.

For those families that have a child in one of the child care programs, King said the YMCA is requiring them to wear a mask while they are dropping their child off or picking them up. This is what YMCA's licensing is requiring, he said. Children in the YMCA's care are in small groups isolated from interaction with other Y users.

He also said staff is required to wear masks unless they are in a room that does not have anyone moving about and distancing can easily and consistently be maintained.

"We recommend those using the Y facilities to wear a mask, especially when moving around the building. We are not requiring our members or guest to wear a mask," he said.


Q: Why is there so much standing water on Plett Road in Cadillac? It's becoming very stagnant. A great place for mosquitoes.

A: Rover called Wexford County Road Commission Manager Alan Cooper who told Rover with the recent hot and dry weather it had dried up. He said if he is thinking of the same part of Plett Road it is north of 13th Street and on the east side of the road by the Clam River. He said, unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done as it is the flood plain of the river and the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy wouldn't likely allow for anything to be done near the watershed.


Q UPDATE: On June 27 you had a question in Ask Rover about Saturn Gems being closed, but you never said where it moved to. So where is it located?

A: Rover will admit when he forgets something and he indeed forgot to say where the business moved.

Saturn Gems was originally located at 100 N. Mitchell St. but has since moved to 120 N. Mitchell St., which is next to Toy Town. To recap, it is open Tuesday-Saturday and closed Sunday and Monday. Lars and Kitti Persson have been working to finish up some orders that were received before the COVID-19 shutdown. She also said they are doing some minor work such as changing watch batteries with curbside pickup.

The store, however, will likely be fully reopened sometime in July, according to Owner Kitti Persson.

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