Q: Do vendors who use the Cadillac Commons area, such as the farmers and artisans, food trucks and the carnival, pay any fees to the city for use of the park?

A: Cadillac City Manager Marcus Peccia told Rover the answer to this question is both yes and no. He said if they are an individual truck or vendor and not part of an event, they are paying a special permit fee to the city. If they are part of an event, however, Peccia said they still may be paying a fee but that fee will not go to the city but to the event organizer. Depending on the type of event, the organizer may have to pay a fee to the city to hold the event on city property.

Regardless, the city goes and inspects for safety, Peccia said.


Q: Why isn't there a street sign for Jeffrey Street?

A: Cadillac DPW Operations Manager Ken Payne said when the construction project was completed on Jeffrey Street, the sign came up missing. Payne ordered a new sign, but it came back with the street named spelled incorrectly. The sign was sent back, but it takes time to have the street signs made. He also told Rover he is hopeful the new sign will be delivered in a week or so. If it is spelled correctly, it will be placed. 


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