Q: Mailbox at the post office was destroyed. Was this done purposefully? Why was this done?

A: Cadillac area resident June Peterson said she went to the Cadillac Post Office on Oct. 26 to mail a letter, and then the next day mailed another letter. Both times she went inside to mail her letters because the outside mailbox was roped off. She also said a piece was broken off. Later in the week, Peterson told Rover a bigger box was installed

"I have heard of people doing goofy stuff but was it vindictive or was the post office putting in a new box," June asked Rover.

Rover contacted the Cadillac City Police Department last week and found out a police report was made on Oct. 26 but did not have the chance to talk with either Cadillac Director of Public Safety Adam Ottjepka or Capt. Eric Eller.

This week Rover again reached out to the police department and talked to Eller. He told Rover it appears the mailbox was involved in a vehicle hit and run sometime during the night of Oct. 25 into Oct. 26. He also told Rover that police were notified early in the morning of the damage on Oct. 26. 

He said there are no leads so police welcome anyone with information to call the department at 231-775-3491.


Q: With all the concerns with voting machines and software, did Wexford county use those machines and software?

A: Wexford County Clerk Alaina Nyman said the county uses Dominion Voting Systems software but didn't have any issues on Nov. 3. Nyman said the county did, however, have some issues a few years ago and, as a result, knows what to look for and do if a similar issue were to arise again.

Wexford County had tabulator issues during the August 2018 election. At the time, former Wexford County Clerk Elaine Richardson said it took roughly a week before it could be determined what caused the issue.

It was eventually determined the issue was a “software problem" that happened in other jurisdictions around the state. After both the voting equipment maker, Dominion Voting Systems, and the county’s vendor, Governmental Business Systems, ran tests after the primary, the issue was resolved.

Since the recent General Election, Dominion has been the target of several false claims that the company switched or deleted votes cast for President Donald Trump and that it has ties to prominent Democrats, according to a recent Associated Press story.

There is “no credible evidence‘ that the 2020 election outcome was altered by exploiting technical vulnerabilities, according to an open letter signed by 59 election security experts and released Nov. 16, the AP reported. 

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