Q: How does closing schools result in a loss of $1.235 billion. Where did the money go?

A: The state and the school aid fund are facing massive deficits due to COVID-19 and its impact on taxes. Every revenue in the state is taking a hit including income taxes, casinos, and sales tax. As evidence of the recent drop in gasoline prices, Michiganders are not gassing up their cars, which also contributes to the state's coffers.

So to answer your questions, school closing didn't result in the loss of the $1.2 billion but COVID-19 and the state shutting down to only essential needs did. The money didn't go anywhere, it just is projected to not come in.


Q: With all the Memorial Day celebrations being canceled in Cadillac and surrounding counties, will flags be put on the graves of veterans, here in Cadillac and surrounding township cemeteries?

A: Rover talked with Cadillac Department of Public Works Operations Manager Ken Payne who told him 1,600 flags were picked up on Tuesday and would be put out by this weekend at Maple Hill Cemetery. Flags were placed on Wednesday at Maple Hill Cemetery. He added the flags also would be kept up until after Flag Day which is June 14.


Q: We wanted to have a picnic lunch in the park, but none of the tables are down. When will they be set up?

A: Rover talked with Cadillac Department of Public Works Operations Manager Ken Payne again to get the answer to this question. He told Rover city crews first wanted to remove all the leaves and debris from the park and get the fountain cleaned up before placing the tables. He said with that work completed, the tables should be out for use by this weekend.


Q: UPDATE: How many houses were brought into Cadillac from Jennings and where are they located?

A: A few weeks ago Rover did some research online and found a little information about this question, but he asked readers if they had any more information to share it. They did and continue to do so.

Before we go over the information sent in by readers, let's first do a recap of what Rover reported. Rover found a copy of "Scientific American" from February 1923 that did a story about the move. In the article, it stated 100 homes were moved from Jennings to Cadillac on a specially constructed trailer hauled by a truck. As for where the homes are located, Rover was unable to find that out.

Rover has heard back from many readers about the locations of the homes and received some more information.

Ross Maxwell reached out to Rover and told him he and his wife purchased a rental house on Nelson Street in 1995 from Realtor Willa Fagerman. He continued saying she was the person who told them the house had been moved from Jennings and the owner was an elderly woman who lived in it for many years.

He also told Rover the house had been converted to an owner's apartment downstairs and another apartment upstairs. Except for a sun porch added on at some point and converting it to two living spaces, he said everything looked to be original and needed lots of paint and updating. The garage was a considerable distance away from the house by the alley. Maxwell said they eventually sold the property.

John Walters also reached out to Rover and told him his maternal great-grandfather was Hans Alecksen who built several houses in Jennings and later moved at least two of them to Cadillac.

He told Rover that Alecksen lived in one until he died in 1935, which was on the northeast corner of 3rd Street and Wright Street. He also said as a young child he lived with his parents and grandparents at his maternal grandparents' house at 114 Sixth Street. It was a house that was cut into two pieces to move from Jennings as it was too large to move as one building, he said. The 80-year-old told Rover he could remember asking about the straight saw-line visible in the hardwood floors on both the first and second levels.

Local historian Charles LaBar also gave Rover some information about the moving of the homes.

He told Rover a local contractor by the name of John C. Born purchased several duel rear axle extended be trucks from the Acme Truck Company. He also said several of the homes in Jennings were taken to Lake city along with a church. 

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