CADILLAC — A wet year is partially to blame for flooding on Selma Street, according to the engineer working with the city on the matter.

"Due to frequent rain events and an unseasonably high ground water table this year, we have been experiencing the system filling and an accumulation of water on the street," explained Connie Houk, an engineer with Prein Newhof. Cadillac Department of Public Works Director Ken Payne referred the Cadillac News to Houk for answers to questions about flooding on Selma Street.

Houk said she expects a solution by the end of the year.

"The location has already been staked and the contractor is waiting for materials to be delivered for installation to occur yet this year," Houk wrote in an email to the newspaper. "The city has successfully installed similar retention systems in other locations within the city."

Pooling water has been a long-standing issue on Selma Street, and in 2018, the city tried to fix it.

Three blocks of Selma Street, from Division north to Wright, were in bad condition. Pavement cracks and the street's extremely flat grade resulted in three city blocks of puddles.

The 2018 repairs, which included pavement as well as curb and gutter improvements, were supposed to alleviate the flooding and improve the water main and sewer utilities.

It was supposed to be a green solution.

"For the 2018 project, each block was designed to better the profile of the street and improve drainage within the restraints of the existing storm sewer. Due to the depth of the existing storm sewer system on Arthur Street, infiltration basins were installed on Selma between Arthur Street and Wright Street," Houk explained. "Infiltration basins at the low spot of the curb utilizes a ‘green’ design which allows the collected water to infiltrate through perforated structures."

But too much rain and the high groundwater tables swamped the system, necessitating the improvements Houk said should be completed before year's end.


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