CADILLAC — It took three days for a pair of “sleuthing partners‘ to find the Lions Club Medallion.

Sandy Bredahl picked up the clues on the second day of the hunt at Wargames North. With the clues she and her friend Summer Scott figured it was at Diggins Hill, but they weren’t able to go until the next day.

They stopped and checked out the sound garden on Chestnut Street first just in case and then headed to the hill.

“Once we got to Diggins Hill it took us 20 minutes to find it there,‘ Bredahl said.

The two were on disc golf hole seven and she was facing the water tower. She looked to her left and saw something hanging.

“That’s out of place,‘ she thought to herself.

It was the medallion, which was placed on the backside of the wooden fence on the seventh post from the path leading up to the seventh disc golf hole. It was along East North Street, across from the water tower and just down from McKinley School.

The nearest cross street was Hemlock Street, according to the Lions Club Medallion Hunt Facebook page.

Before the two women had been sort of tired, but after finding the medallion it was like they were rejuvenated. Scott grabbed the medallion and they were so excited, they hugged each other and took a selfie.

“I love things like this,‘ Bredahl said. “Reading the clues and trying to piece things together.‘

She and Scott split the $300 reward for finding the medallion.

With her portion of the money, Bredahl used it for groceries and toilet paper and mostly "adulting stuff,‘ she said.

She also bought an iced coffee with it, which was her treat.

She was really grateful for the Lions Club putting on the event and having a fun activity for people to do. If it happens again next year she definitely wants to do it.

“It was a team effort and we had fun,‘ Bredahl said.

Organizer Timothy Anderson said in a Facebook message that the "Hunt" this year turned out “GREAT‘ and the Lions Club is very pleased with how well it was received and enjoyed by the community and sponsors.

He said over 4.8 thousand people viewed the Facebook announcement that the medallion had been found and 1,800 had taken the time to comment or congratulate the winners and say what a good time they had.

“Yes we will be doing this again next year,‘ he said. “We already have a location in mind but will keep a keen eye out just in case someplace better pops up.‘

The following were the clues for this year’s Lions Club Medallion hunt, as posted on the event’s Facebook page:

1: The “Hunt‘ has begun the disk is in play, 7 days of clues are on their way. $300 is the prize to the one that can find and return the Medallion by simply using their mind. From the streets to the parks, the walkways to the shores all the cities the playing field it could be anywhere outdoors.

2: As you search the town for where the Medallion could be found you might want to let two points of a compass be your guide. You never know what will help with your quest in this game of seek and hide.

3: Listen to the clues then look over them again, there’s more to the words then what’s just being said. Remember the path to victory can be found by following all 7 of the clues!

4: Happy 4th of July enjoy this day that celebrates our country's independence, spend time with friends and family, speaking of family this flowering plant in the carrot family, is also known as devil's porridge, or poison parsley.

5: Landmarks are key to any good treasure hunt, so we thought we would give you one, constructed in 1960 this city landmark can be seen from most places in town and in turn the hiding place can be seen while standing at this landmark.

6: The clues by themselves might not make much sense but clues coming together are lessons well learned, remember "The free man cannot be long an ignorant man.‘

7: Since we’ve made it to day 7 some of you still may be on the fence about the clues, look at both sides of everything, wooden it be nice to know all the answers are there. If you still need help, see clue #3. 

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