Right after Labor Day, I received a call from my family in Cadillac that my close relative was in the hospital. I immediately flew to my hometown of Cadillac and spent the next five days assisting her after she was discharged. Thankfully, she is quite well and I was able to return to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where I live and work.

I had several pleasant experiences in your community that I think you should know about. Because I still work full time, I would use the Cadillac public library on a weekly basis to check my emails, which often were over 400. The library staff, Linda and Drew, were so accommodating that I wanted to give them a shout-out.

During my stay, I had time to research my family roots that go back more than four generations. I went to Maple Hill Cemetery to find several graves of great-grandparents. A very kind young groundskeeper by the name of Jacob was working that day and assisted me in my search.

Towards the end of my stay, I found myself turning into the parking lost at the senior center on Chestnut Street. It was a Thursday, so the Wexford Genealogy Society was there. To my surprise, they didn’t have a long line of people to assist and took their time searching for very interesting documents of my family. I especially want to thank Richard Tubis and Kathy Janik.

I would like to publicly thank the city of Cadillac for making my stay in Cadillac last month a very memorable one.

Theresa J. Belanger

Santa Fe, New Mexico

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