CADILLAC — Even when the good guys are hopelessly outnumbered and down on their luck, they never lose hope.

That’s why people like Star Wars so much, said Cory Walker, who runs Emergency Geek in Cadillac and has been a Star Wars fan almost his entire life.

“The good can always win, even if it doesn’t seem like it,‘ he said.

This weekend fans across the galaxy will celebrate “Star Wars‘ Day.

They are celebrating because Saturday is May the Fourth, which sounds like the famous line from the movie, “May the force be with you.‘

It has been 42 years since the original movie premiered and some people have been fans since they were little kids.

Walker is one of them, and described May 4 as the “geek holiday‘ of all holidays.

Each generation has a Star Wars for them. For his generation, there were the original three films and now younger kids are relating to the new stuff more, he said.

Cadillac resident Charlie Thompson is another fan since childhood. He might have seen his first Star Wars movie when he was 6, but to this day he still wants to be Luke Skywalker.

You might not see him dressed in costumes at comic conventions, but as he’s gotten older he’s kept in touch with Star Wars fandom through his work.

Thompson is working with Brink's Art and Frame Shop in downtown Cadillac for a special May the Fourth art display.

Thompson has created portraits of famous Star Wars characters like Yoda, Princess Leia and, of course, Darth Vader for the display.

“It’s my idea of play,‘ he said. “It lets me get in touch with my inner child.‘

He did a similar display two years ago. It’s not something he has to stress out about and other people seem to enjoy it too.

The last time there was a display people would stand outside in groups to look in at the work, he said.

The display this year will be lit up at night by two lightsabers. One blue and one red. One for the light side. And one for the dark side.

“Everybody loves lightsabers,‘ Thompson said.

The Comic Book E.R. will also be doing something special on Saturday.

Shanna Grimes, the store’s treasurer, said it will be celebrating with a “Free Comic Book Day Extravaganza.‘

Free comic book day is a national event and the Comic Book E.R. will host a celebration with the theme “Cadillac Can!“ So there will be work form local artists and small businesses there. It’s to promote reading and entrepreneurship, she said.

There will be local comics, some T-shirts, drawings, a local photographer and a local DJ company will be there too.

Since it’s also May 4, it is tied in with Star Wars too, she said.

There will be some Star Wars memorabilia there and at least one comic book is Star Wars themed.

The two nerdy holidays are usually close, but because they’re the same day it will be a “double whammy‘ this year

“It’s kind of like Christmas for nerds,‘ Grimes said.

-The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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