LEROY — Recently, students at Pine River Area Elementary were running for a good cause and one that benefited them directly during the annual Run-A-Thon.

The school hosts an annual Run-A-Thon to raise money for new equipment and to promote awareness of the importance of exercise in the community. Each year, all the funds stay at the elementary school. School officials hope to purchase items such as playground equipment, school activities, assemblies and more.

Pine River Area Elementary Principal Heidi Hayes said students get pledges from family members and friends. Some who donate give a flat rate, while others pledge a certain amount for each lap completed. On average, students complete between 40 and 50 laps. Regardless, Hayes said it is a day that the students always look forward to. She also said the girls varsity volleyball team assisted in counting laps.

“The kids love this day and look forward to it,” she said.

During the event, the students completed their laps either inside or outside depending on the weather and even if a student didn’t raise funds they participated in the event. Each student also received a small prize for running. For those students who raised $25 or more, they received a Pine River Area Run-A-Thon t-shirt.

Additional prizes also will be given to the student in each grade, kindergarten through third grade, who collected the most money in pledges and the student who ran the most laps in each class.

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