June 24, 1969

Two adults pleaded guilty Monday in 84th District Court to supplying beer to minors in connection with the June 11 graduation party attended by a youth who was killed shortly after when the car he was driving struck a tree. The party in the community building at Harrietta preceded the death of a 20-year-old man whose car crashed into a tree on W. 30 Road near Boon while he was returning from the party early the next day.

June 24, 1994

The arrest of O.J. Simpson for his ex-wife’s murder has stunned a nation that couldn’t believe the charming, handsome superstar could be guilty of such brutality. Cheryl Bader wasn’t even phased. “I see it every day, right here,‘ said Bader, executive director of OASIS and the Family Resource Center in Cadillac. “But, publicity surrounding the Simpson case has forced the public to face the issue of domestic violence.‘ Across the nation, hotlines for abused women have been deluged since the June 12 slayings. OASIS counselors haven’t noted an increase in calls locally, Bader said, but they expect to as the case unfolds. “I look for an increase as domestic violence becomes an issue during the trial,‘ she said. “There’s still some skepticism right now. It’s hard for them to believe anyone cares about them or their ‘dirty little secrets.’‘

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