Aug. 22, 1919

That many Cadillac people are desirous of taking a ride in an aeroplane is indicated by the inquiries made at the Northern District Fair office regarding the charge which will be made by the F.E. Young Company of Memphis, Tennessee, which provides the aviation feature in connection with this year's Northern District Fair. Mr. Young, in a letter to Mr. Powers of the local fair association, states passenger flight bookings may now be made on a basis of $15 for 15-minute flights. It is planned to carry passengers continuously from early in the forenoon until about 4 o'clock in the afternoon. The contract between the Northern District Fair and the F.E. Young Company provides for "acrobatic and stunt flying" in addition to the giving of passenger flights. It is the present plan of the Memphis Aeroplane company to send Lt Runser, army aviator, to Cadillac. The Aeroplane Company has at all times several extra flyers on hand, so the Northern District Fair is assured of a flyer under any circumstances. A Curtiss plane is to be used here and the machine is especially equipped for passenger carrying. Any desiring to ride with Lt. Runser are asked to see Mr. Powers at the District Fair office over the People's Savings Bank building.

Aug. 22, 1969

City police are investigating the breaking of two mirrors from a truck and a railroad boxcar door seal near the Sandell warehouse on Mosser Street. The car was loaded with lard but apparently, none was taken after the door seal was broken. A window was broken by a youth in the east part of the Masonic Temple building at the corner of Mitchell and Beech streets.

Aug. 22, 1994

A Cadillac girl narrowly avoided serious injury when a pop bottle filled with chemicals exploded, emptying its burning chemicals onto her clothes and face. The girl suffered burns to her eyes, face, chest and legs when a bottle she picked up at the Diggins Hill ball field exploded. The girl's family was out for a walk in the park Sunday evening when the incident occurred. By the liquid's smell, a police officer guessed the liquid to be either ammonia or battery acid but he wasn't certain. Matt Wohlfeill, Community Services Officer of the Cadillac Police, said his department's investigation into the incident continues. "(The bottle) had been filled with some kind of chemical that had put pressure inside the bottle," Wohlfeill said. "At this point it is unknown who put the bottle there, or exactly what was inside it, but the investigation is still continuing."

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