Sept. 22, 1920

Two small boys playing with matches were responsible for a fire that Saturday afternoon totally destroyed the barn and contents belonging to Sid Falan on Pearl Street. The fire alarm was turned in at 3:15 p.m. and the department stayed on the ground until 7, believing the fire to have been extinguished. A beam, smoldering under the burned hay ignited the debris again about 10:15 p.m., and the fire department was again called. The barn was filled with about eight tons of hay. A straw stack near the building was destroyed and two horses were taken from the barn just in time to prevent their destruction from the failing roof. Small boys, aged 10 and 8, were suspected of having caused the fire and were brought into police headquarters this morning. The boys admitted they had been playing with matches and one of them burned his fingers on a lighted match and threw it from him into some hay. The loss on of the barn will reach about $2,000, it was estimated.

Sept. 22, 1970

Despite objections, an ordinance to rezone property on the south shore of Lake Cadillac to permit construction of a multiple dwelling unit was introduced Monday night by the Cadillac City Commission. A public hearing on the matter was scheduled for Oct. 5, date of the commission's next regular meeting. This is the third time this year the condominium proposal has been presented to the city commission. It failed both previous times. This time, Kenneth Uptegraft is asking for a rezoning of the identical property description turned down previously but indicated he now controls more than 20% of the land within the 500-foot radius of the property frontage. Several residents of the area voiced their objections to the multiple dwelling project on the proposed site. Dr. Jerome Slack said he sees no reason to go through the process again. The matter now goes to the planning commission for a report and recommendation then must be subjected to the Oct. 5 public hearing before the city commission takes final action. Others objecting were M.F. Robertson, Eugene Deming and William Bryan, all property owners in the area. Uptegraft said the property description was unchanged from that proposed previously. However, his reported ownership or control of more than 20% of the property in the area means that only three of the five commissioners must now approve the request. In the past, with 20% of the landowners in the specified area objecting, it was necessary to have four-fifths approval. Uptegraft is apparently banking on the three favorable votes in the past remaining favorable for this new proposal.

Sept. 22, 1995

Craig Molitor is one Cadillac resident who won't miss tonight's episode of television's "Home Improvement." He won't be watching the show's star, Tim Allen — Molitor already saw him when Allen taped the season premiere in the Traverse City area. Instead, he'll be watching for his own "15 minutes of fame" — well, make that 30 seconds. Molitor was selected as an extra for the show, in which Allen's family heads north to a party for his aunt, and he and the boys get sidetracked by a fishing excursion. Watch for the group of three men talking near the entrance when Allen and his sons arrive at the party, still weighed down with fishing gear. "The camera focuses on us as we cringe, we're supposed to be reeling back from the stench of his fishing expedition," Molitor said. Molitor will be watching the show nervously tonight, hoping he did OK in his first TV appearance. The extras had to act like they were talking, gesturing and laughing, he explained, but could not make a sound during that scene. Crews came back later to tape party sounds. "Anyone else looking at the show will not even notice that aspect of it," Molitor said. "I will be focused on it, probably cringing at how cheesy I look with the fake laughing we had to do." Not that Molitor is staking his career on his acting performance. He was just a regular guy, working at a hotel in Traverse City, when the tourism bureau came looking for extras. He's not even a fan of the show — until now, at least — and will be watching it for only the second time tonight. He plans to keep on being a regular guy, and said he feels a little silly even being asked about his TV appearance.

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