Jan. 14, 1970

Ossain E. Carr, Cadillac’s first city manager, died at the age of 93 Tuesday. He had also been the first city manager of Oakland. Carr was named to the post of city manager after Cadillac accepted the city charter form of government in 1913. He assumed the post March 9 of that year. He remained until Dec. 31, 1915. He later went to Oakland in July of 1931 and left his post there late in 1933. Besides being city manager of Cadillac and Oakland, he also held that post in Niagara Falls, New York, Dubuque, Iowa and Fort Worth, Texas.

Jan. 14, 1995

Driving snowmobiles through water is more than a concern relating to the unusual January weather. It’s also addressed in a new Cadillac city ordinance, to be considered during a public hearing Monday. Cadillac city officials are proposing adoption of an ordinance stating that “a person shall not operate a snowmobile, except at the minimum speed required to maintain forward movement of the snowmobile, when within 100 feet of any open water.‘ The ordinance is intended to prohibit snowmobilers from running the canal between the lakes, a popular sport in past years. The Department of Natural Resources adopted a rule earlier, making the ordinance possible. The ordinance will not take effect until the DNR implements its rule, city officials said. It remains uncertain when that will occur.

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