Dec. 4, 1919

George F. Noggle celebrated a family reunion last Thursday. At that time there were seven great-grandchildren present. Mr. Noggle has had a remarkable experience in his lifetime. Being a member of the 4th Michigan cavalry during the Civil War he fought for four years and by his fearlessness and stubborn fighting came through without receiving a scar. He was present and assisted in capturing Jeff Davis. His daughter, Miss Lois, was with Unit “Q‘ of doctors and nurses to go to France during the recent war with Germany and like her father came back hale and hearty. With all of this fighting experience to now be able to have a family reunion with daughters, granddaughters and great-grandchildren present is remarkable. Mr. Noggle has held public offices in this village and elsewhere for years and as he declined to hold other offices he has started a ginseng garden to put in his spare time. He is still the “youngest man‘ in Tustin today, judging by his everyday actions.

Dec. 4, 1969

A rare opportunity for Cadillac area residents to see a bald eagle was noted today by officials of the Department of Natural Resources who said one has been reported on Lake Cadillac. Donald McBeath, DNR district game biologist, said the big bird, national emblem for the United States, was sighted along the ice floe just offshore of Lakeside Resort on N. Blvd., a short distance from open water which was being used this morning by a flock of ducks, natural prey for the eagle. McBeath said he expected the eagle would leave the area when the lakes freeze over and head for open waterways, possibly getting as far as Lake Huron, following the Manistee and Au Sable river routes. Similar sightings of a bald eagle on Lake Cadillac were reported to the evening News about two weeks ago. Today’s sightings were reported by Mrs. Gerald Fuller at the resort and by Mrs. Elmer Hooker of Tustin as she traveled on the new section of Chestnut Street south of the high schools.

Dec. 4, 1994

An East Jordan teen was arrested and charged with burglary after a chase that caused a Cadillac police officer to break his foot. Two juveniles, ages 15 and 16, were also arrested after the chase, police said. They were charged with breaking and entering an occupied dwelling and attempted theft of a motor vehicle. The charge involves an incident Thursday night on Sunnyside Drive, court records show. Cadillac police said they were called to that address in Cadillac West about 7:30 p.m., when the owner came home to find two or three persons in his house, armed with a claw hammer and a club. One suspect escaped out a window and the other struggled with the owner before escaping, said Cadillac Police Community Services Officer Matt Wohlfeill. Police began tracking the suspects through a swampy area behind the house, he said, and chased them on foot after spotting them near the Pines bowling alley. Three persons were arrested after sheriff’s deputies and state police joined the chase, along with the Cadillac K-9 unit. Sgt. James Lund was treated and released from Mercy Hospital for a broken foot, Wohlfeill said. Lund fell while chasing the suspects through a wooded area in Cadillac West. The suspects also face charges in Charlevoix County of breaking and entering and theft of a motor vehicle, Wohlfeill said.

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