Dec. 16, 1919

Cadillac will have a municipal Christmas tree under the auspices of the Community Board. The civic Christmas celebration will be held the night of Christmas, not Christmas eve. Christmas carols will be rendered in harmony with the sentiments of the great Christmas festival and the celebration will give formal expression to the community spirit of peace and good will. E.J. Millington, chairman of the Wexford County Community Council, announced the detailed plans for the celebration this morning. The City Commission has given permission for the use of the streets for the celebration and the tree, which is to be furnished by W.L. Saunders and will be erected at the corner of Harris and Mitchell streets. George D. Westover, of the Consumers Power Co., will furnish the current to light the tree. The decoration committee consists of John C. Thompson, C.T. Mitchell and C.F. Williams. Commander Morton Van Meter of the American Legion will be master of ceremonies. Leonard T. Burritt and Merritt Haynes will have charge of the stands. P.F. Powers heads the financial committee. The Acme Band will furnish instrumental music and will lead the parade of children to the tree that night. The marchers will form at the corner of Simon and Harris streets. The Exchange Club at its weekly luncheon at the Hotel McKinnon this afternoon unanimously endorsed the proposed celebration and pledged its aid and support to the enterprise.

Dec. 16, 1969

For the first time in many years, Cadillac skiers may not have a ski tow to use at the Diggins Park ski area for the current ski season. That is the word from the Cadillac recreation department which reports that lack of funds and vandalism to the tow in recent years has necessitated a tentative decision to stop use of the ski tow. James Gibson, recreation department manager, said that vandals have cut the rope a number of times in the past few years, have torn down fencing protecting the tow path and damaged the warming building and other equipment. Gibson said that if sufficient volunteer labor is forthcoming, along with possibly some additional money, the decision might be changed and the tow placed in limited operation. He also said that snow conditions would be a factor as a good supply of snow is necessary to keep a cover on the ski tow path as well as the ski slopes. The recreation budget was cut considerably by the Cadillac City Commission about five years ago, Gibson said, and additional funds have not been added in recent years to meet this cut or to provide for increasing costs of the recreation department program. To operate the ski tow requires a competent man to be on duty from a safety standpoint, Gibson said. Also involved is the cost of power to operate the tow, manpower to keep the tow path covered with snow and maintenance of the tow and warming building. The first tow at Diggins Park was supplied by the directors of Caberfae, Inc. some years ago. Since that time, additional ski tow equipment has been supplied by the Cadillac recreation department. Night skiing had been supplied some years and ski slopes, served by the ski tow, were used by many hundreds of boys and girls as well as adults during the ski seasons.

Dec. 16, 1994

A Manton man expected to be charged with the brutal slaying of an elderly Flint woman more than a year ago has had no brushes with the law locally. Local police and court records show the 29-year-old man does not have a criminal record in Wexford County. He had been living in Manton only a short time, police said. He formerly was a resident of Flint. A warrant for the suspect was expected to be signed Thursday with arraignment expected today, said Sgt. Tom Korabik of the Flint Police Department. The suspect’s name is being withheld pending his arraignment in Genesee County District Court. The suspect was arrested at a 14 Mile Road residence in Manton late Tuesday night. State Police in Cadillac received a confidential tip that led them to believe the suspect may have been involved in the crime, said Detective Don Fowler. Cadillac officials contacted the Flint Police Department Homicide Division and confirmed the crime described by the source occurred. Flint detectives came to Cadillac to review the information and discussed the evidence with the Genesee County prosecutor. They determined there was sufficient evidence to arrest the Manton man. Flint police believe the victim surprised the suspects when they were burglarizing her home. Two other elderly women who also resided there told police they were asleep and heard nothing, the report said.

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