Oct. 21, 1919

Providing hard times, prohibition, and other unrests throughout the country do not decrease the demand for ice, local ice houses will undoubtedly have a profitable year through the sale of the cooling blocks. This is predicted because of the fact that the ice in Lake Cadillac is now attainting a great thickness for this early time in the winter. The thickness at several places in the lake is in excess of eight inches, while during January and February of the 1919 “joke winter‘ the ice was but three inches. And, unlike last year local concerns are pleased with the clearness and strength of it. The below zero weather of the past week has had much to do with making the ice solid. The annual harvest a year ago commenced after Christmas and the ice that was harvested failed to come halfway to the standard. Local ice men say that cutting will be completed this year in a comparatively short time when once started.

Oct. 21, 1969

City Manager Donald Mason has had plenty of tough questions thrown at him by adults during city commission meetings. But Monday night the questions came from two groups of junior high school youngsters. The questions were tougher than many asked by adults, and of course Mason knew that unlike a teacher, he couldn’t hope for the class bell to ring and take him off the hook. But the city manager had done his homework. And he seemed to pass through the crisis with at least a passing mark. Two conservative classes at Cadillac Junior High School had taken a field trip Sept. 25 to study possible pollution on the Clam River, they told city officials in a letter read at the commission meeting. The students said they noted “thermal pollution‘ and “lots of coal dust‘ on the Clam River. “Something is in the water that should not be there,‘ one letter said. It named as possible sources of pollution the Brooks and Perkins plant and the Norge Village laundry. This brought some chuckles to the commission, since Commissioner Max Laurent is one of the operators of the laundry. City Manager Mason hastened to explain that the Brooks and Perkins plant was the only business that had drainage to the Clam at the point in question. Mason said city officials and the state Water Resources Commission had been working with the Brooks and Perkins plant officials for at least two years on the problem. He said the plant had installed equipment designed to reduce harmful matter drained into river and that B and P employees and state officials make regular checks in an attempt to keep pollution within the limits set by the Water Resources Commission after it studied the problem. Mason said the main harmful element in the B and P drainage is hexavalentchrome (write that down, kids, it might be on your next test). He said that when water is flowing normally in the Clam that the B and P drainage is within legal limits.

Oct. 21, 1994

One Cadillac woman looks in the mirror and sees Michigan’s ultimate cowgirl. “What do you think of when you heard ‘cowboy?’ — being a cowgirl is the same, just with the female gender. It means you have independence, strength, are self-made, display a country lifestyle and are not afraid to live the lifestyle,‘ said Sue Foster, Michigan’s Ultimate Cowgirl. “An ultimate cowgirl is an independent woman that respects herself and the land where she lives.‘ Sue won the title in Lansing among a field of eight finalists, after reaching the finals by finishing second in a preliminary round of 17 contestants in East Jordan. To win the title, she displayed the ultimate country lifestyle, presentation, interviewing skill and outfit selections in the following categories — western, country casual and country elegance. “For the interview, they asked me about where I was from,‘ Sue said. “I told them about the lakes, the hunting and fishing and the horse trails — everything for the ultimate cowgirl!‘ With the state title, Sue pocketed $3,000 in prizes and an expenses-paid trip to Nashville to compete for the national title on Dec. 10. As part of the national competition between representatives from all 50 states and the District of Columbia, Sue will be featured on TNN in a line dance presentation.

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