Nov. 16, 1920

The film “Madame X‘ which will be shown at the Lyric Theatre next Thursday and Friday evenings, is being exhibited under the auspices of the American Legion. All tickets sold by the Legion will be credited to the Post at 50% of their value. There is no increase in the price of the picture, in fact the value was set before the program was announced and otherwise the price would have had to be five cents more than is being charged. Tickets sold at the box office will not be credited to the Legion, therefore it is earnestly requested by the members of the Legion that movie patrons buy tickets at one of the following places — John Johnson’s Clothing Store, Corner Cigar Store, Rousin’s Drug Store, Labbe’s or Hoset’s billiard rooms. “Madame X‘ in the film version is an adaptation of the famous play that was so popular several years ago and is one of the last screen dramas ever produced. The Billboard says the film is a new release and will not be shown.

No. 15, 1995

Lakes Cadillac and Mitchell are now a shining example of how cold it has been lately. The lakes have frozen over on one of the earliest dates in several years. The area’s other big lake, Lake Missaukee, has also gained a layer of ice for the first time this season. For recording purposes, the lakes are considered frozen for the first time in the winter season when 50% of both lakes are covered. Since 1980, the earliest the lake has frozen was in 1986, when the lakes froze on Nov. 19. Compiled records are not available before that date. The latest the lakes have frozen in the past 14 years was in 1983, when the lakes did not freeze until Dec. 29. Last year, the lakes froze on Nov. 30. The lakes typically thaw no less than 50% of a covering for the season in mid-April. The lakes are considered thawed when the ice covers less than the 50% of the surface and the remaining is slush ice in such a quantity that a boat may be rowed or otherwise propelled through. Since 1981, the earliest the lakes have thawed was in 1983, when they thawed March 3. The latest they thawed was in 1982 when they did not thaw until April 26. Earlier this year, the lakes thawed March 27.

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