June 11, 1921

The two youngest members of Cadillac’s boy bandit gang may follow the older member to the Industrial School at Lansing. Efforts to find a private institution for them have failed but probate court officers believe they have discovered a law under which the youngsters can be sent to Lansing. Application has been made to the Lansing authorities who are expected to claim that the juvenile law supersedes the act in question. Under it the boys first would have to be arraigned in police court and then go before circuit or probate court. Fred Breen, probate judge, does not want to send the boys to Lansing if it is possible to get them to mend their ways as commitment until they are 18 is a stiff sentence for youths of such tender years. But the officers have decided that their lives are anything but tender. The matron of the city detention home is almost in fear of her life. Lyle McClain and Donald Wooley, the two boys of only about 10 years, have made things exceedingly interesting for the officers. Ray McClain already is in Lansing but the younger lads make things exciting enough. Windows are broken out of the rooms where they are kept, the window sash and other parts of the room have been torn off to pry at the iron bars which had to be installed. The doors of the rooms have been nearly torn off several times and general excitement prevails. Their lungs can be heard for blocks during demonstrations. The young prisoners are taken out for half an hour of exercise each day, one at a time, under guard of a high school student. Their conversation when alone, however, is of plots to slay the authorities and avenge their imprisonment, officers say, and they despair of much progress with the youngsters.

June 11, 1971

A Cadillac police officer has been reprimanded in connection with a shooting incident involving two dogs. A prepared release issued today by City Manager Donald Mason said: “On the morning of May 15, 1971 at approximately 4 a.m., Officers followed a vehicle beyond the city limits on M-115, and in the process, observed two dogs chasing a deer. In accordance with the law, the officers had the legal right to kill these dogs and, furthermore, as all Cadillac police officers are also deputized, there is no question as to their authority and-or legal rights in this matter. In the process of shooting at the dogs, they believed one dog to be killed and the other dog to have eluded them. Based upon a citizen’s complaint and investigation of this matter by the chief of police, city attorney and myself, I have the following to report: ‘1. Officer ... is being given a reprimand. 2. The veterinary bill of $17 for Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Kingsbury’s dog will be paid. 3. There will be no charges made against (the other officer).’ In view of all the circumstances involved in this matter, I believe the reprimand and the paying of the veterinary bill is appropriate,‘ Mason concluded.

June 11, 1996

The Reed City School District recently revised its entire health curriculum, which has been approved by the board of education, except for the portion dealing with human reproductive health. Before the school board can approve the reproductive health portion, two public hearings must be held according to state law. The first hearing on Monday drew several people for and against the proposed curriculum. Many parents spoke out against the proposed curriculum as well as what is being taught now. “It is our formal request that you deal only with the reproductive system as an anatomy and physiology curriculum with boys and girls in separate classes,‘ said Debbi Kasper, mother of four. “Any sex education or reproductive health curriculum should be eliminated or taught as a Sex Respect class.‘ The basic difference between what is being taught now and what will be taught if the revised curriculum is approved is that the Michigan Model Core Curriculum will be implemented, which is a teaching tool developed by the State Board of Education. “To present sex education the way God intended it would have to include morals, ethics and spirituality. God gave sexuality to us as a beautiful gift, to be opened under the right circumstances and at the right time in life,‘ Kasper said. “This curriculum is false and incomplete by degrading what God placed in our lives as a beautiful gift into a mere physical act.‘

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