Nov. 8, 1919

Joseph Clark of near Yuma was today sentenced to from six months to five years at Ionia by Judge Fred S. Lamb in Wexford County Circuit Court. Describing the crime as “one of the most cruel acts ever perpetrated in Wexford County‘ the court today lectured the defendant, who pleaded guilty Wednesday, at considerable length. A sentence of nine months was recommended by the court. Clark had nothing to say when given the customary opportunity. Clark is the man who horsewhipped Russell Walker, little 9-year-old ward of the State Public School at Coldwater. The naked boy was tied to a post in the barn by a halter around his neck and cruelly lashed with a heavy whip. His offense was in going to a neighbor’s house for the night when the family, motoring to the Cadillac fair, failed to return at night. Russell was afraid to stay alone in the dark. The boy now has a good home in Owosso with a family in which there are three other young children.

Nov. 8, 1969

State Sen. John F. Toepp said today he has learned the Department of Natural Resources plans to seek an appropriation from the Legislature to construct a pike spawning marsh on Lake Cadillac. Department fish biologists believe the 70-acre marsh would produce 120,000 or more northern pike fingerlings annually for release into the lake, Sen. Toepp said. This number would be more than 100 fingerlings per acre of Lake Cadillac. Engineering plans call for enclosing the 70-acre area at the northwest corner of the lake with dikes, and pumping water to maintain a level 1.5 feet above the lake level. Adult pike would be placed in the marsh in early spring and permitted to spawn naturally. After spawning, the adult fish would be trapped and released into the lake. “I am confident this project will improve the fishing in Lake Cadillac and thus will be of great benefit to residents of the Cadillac area and to tourist visitors,‘ Toepp commented. “It will improve sportfishing and will bring economic gains. As a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, I will support and work for the necessary funds.‘

Nov. 8, 1994

The trial of one of three defendants in the Reedsburg Dam double murder case will be delayed for up to two months until a psychiatric exam can be completed. Dale Owen Guest, 16, of Hamburg, was to go on trial Nov. 29 on one count of open murder in the July 3 killing of Edgar Mahon, 40, of Ovid at a Missaukee County campsite. He was ordered to undergo psychiatric testing before the trial, after defense attorney Herb Larson stated that insanity would be used as a defense. The state has a backlog of requests for psychiatric evaluations, it was reported in Missaukee County Circuit Court Monday, and it will probably be another month or two until Guest’s evaluation can be scheduled. The other two persons originally arrested on open murder charges in the case have pleaded guilty to lesser charges. Joshua Hornback, 19, of Hamburg pleaded guilty to two counts of second degree murder in the shooting deaths of Mahon and Mark Allen, 33, of Lansing. Derrick Kocik, 19, of Brighton, pleaded guilty to two counts of accessory after the fact, for helping to hid the bodies. As part of their plea bargains, both agreed to testify at Guest’s trial. Kocik testified at a preliminary hearing that Hornback shot Allen once in the head with a shotgun, then shot Mahon. Kocik testified Guest reloaded the gun and shot Mahon again.

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